Pete Cranston

Mr Pete Cranston is a knowledge management, communication and social media specialist, with long experience as a facilitator and trainer. For the past 14 years he has worked in the 3rd sector, mainly in international development, for a wide range of government, international NGO, research and UK civil society organisations. A significant part of his work in the past 10 years has been with telecentres and local content exchange while his most recent research has been into global social media trends, with special reference to health communications, and the impact of convergent mobile technologies in rural development. Pete has his roots in Community Education. He believes facilitation is about enabling learning, collaboration, synthesis, and perhaps the emergence of new ideas and groupings. So while he favours participative approaches to events and process he is not bound to any specific methodology. An independent consultant since 2001, Pete has been working regularly with Diplo since 2007 on communications and online collaboration projects. He teaches eDiplomacy and social media skills for diplomats at Diplo workshops and online courses.