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An icon for Occupy Wall Street

Published on 09 June 2012
Updated on 05 April 2024

You all know Wall’s Street’s icon – the Charging Bull:


John R. Hutchinson is an anatomist who works at the Royal Veterinary College in London but is not affiliated with it. He does extraordinary work in presenting anatomical specimen to the public, and he blogs (one used to call it brag) about his work[1]. His exhibits are, well, impressive in their own way, and certainly show better craftsmanship than artist Damien Hirst[2].

In his latest blog[3] John has closed his impressive photo-show with the following picture:

bull nhm aio

which would make the perfect (albeit flayed) mirror image to the first.  Please note that this bull has a ring in its nose…

So I propose it as “iconic figure” for the Occupy Wall Street Movement, John permitting.

Do I hear any seconding of the motion?

PS John has just commented – correcting me in some small points, so here the text:


Hi, thanks for your very kind comments! Just a few clarifications- I do work at the RVC as a full-time Professor; it’s just that my blog is unaffiliated (mainly to limit any embarassment to RVC if I say something they don’t like, but also to give me full control). I did not make the bull exhibit or any of those in Animal Inside Out, which is the exhibit at the Natural History Museum in London– I wish I had the talent to make those amazing exhibits but do not! However, I do have the “talent” to appreciate good anatomy and visuals, which is what my blog is about and why I featured the flayed bull photo and many others like it from Animal Inside Out.


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