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13th WTO Ministerial Conference: What is at stake for digital trade?

Marília Maciel

The thirteenth Ministerial Conference of the World Trade Organization (MC13) will take place from 26 to 29 February, in Abu Dhabi. On this occasion, WTO members will take stock of advancements si...

Two colours blue of the French flag


17 November 2021

Flags, Proto diplomacy

In 2018, France changed the blue of its national flag. The darkened blue of the Tricolore was almost unnoticeable until it was mentioned by Elit Blondet and Paul Larrouturou in their book ‘Elys...

How Afghanistan changed 30 flags in 102 years

Jovan Kurbalija

19 August 2021


Afghanistan’s Independence Day (19 August) came only days after the Taliban seized control of capital Kabul. The entire world focused on the unfolding of events as the country fell into turmoil...

Violent left and right: Which is more dangerous?

Aldo Matteucci

03 February 2021

Politics and governance

We condemn the violent left and right. Are the threats equivalent? Is one more dangerous? Let’s reflect – in compact fashion. 1.       Both share an ideology of a ‘desirable’ hierarchical social order...

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Developing Community-level Capacity Assessment Tools: Perspectives and Practical Applications in the Context of Rural Africa (Briefing Paper #11)

The message provides an overview of developing community-level capacity assessment tools relevant to rural Africa to improve local development strategies.... Read more...

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A clash of grand strategies between Russia, United States of America and Turkey for greater power and influence in the Middle East

The thesis explores the changing dynamics in the Middle East where the region is witnessing a metamorphosis in its power structure as major regional powers actively pursue their grand strategies to unseat U.S. hegemony. The analysis focuses in particular on the foreign... Read more...

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The role of the new media in the electioneering process of developing nations, a case study of Nigeria 2015

Abstract: This dissertation examined the roles new media technologies play in the electioneering process of developing nations. The chosen case study was the Nigeria 2015 presidential elections. For this study, the electioneering period was accepted to commence with fr... Read more...

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The role of diplomatic missions in Open Government

The purpose of this research paper is to assess the degree to which Open Government values and principles are being implemented by the diplomatic missions of Moldova and Malta, particularly in regards to their work with civil society and citizens' participation in poli... Read more...

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A New Governance Space for Health

Global Health Action is an international journal publishing research in the field of global health, addressing transnational health and policy issues. ... Read more...

A New Governance Space for Health


Governance Challenges in Global Health

Global health is at the threshold of a new era. Few times in history has the world faced challenges as complex as those now posed by a trio of threats: first, the unfinished agenda of infections, undernutrition, and reproductive health problems; second, the rising gl... Read more...

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Public diplomacy in Croatia: Sharing NATO and EU values with domestic publics

The importance of public diplomacy in Croatia is highlighted, emphasizing the role of sharing NATO and EU values with domestic audiences to foster understanding and support.... Read more...

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Diplomacy and Global Governance: The Diplomatic Service in an Age of Worldwide Interdependence

The text discusses the role of the diplomatic service in a time of global interdependence. Diplomacy plays a crucial role in ensuring cooperation and effective governance on a global scale, emphasizing the need for diplomatic efforts in maintaining peace and fostering ... Read more...

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