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Two colours blue of the French flag


17 November 2021


In 2018, France changed the blue of its national flag. The darkened blue of the Tricolore was almost unnoticeable until it was mentioned by Elit Blondet and Paul Larrouturou in their book ‘Elysee Confidential’. ...

How Afghanistan changed 30 flags in 102 years

Jovan Kurbalija

19 August 2021


Update on flags and diplomacy: Two colours blue of  the French flag Afghanistan’s Independence Day (19 August) came only days after the Taliban seized control of capital Kabul. The entire world focused on the unfo...

Violent left and right: Which is more dangerous?

Aldo Matteucci

03 February 2021

Politics and governance

We condemn the violent left and right. Are the threats equivalent? Is one more dangerous? Let’s reflect – in compact fashion. 1.       Both share an ideology of a ‘desirable’ hierarchical social order...

What gives? Revolution or civil engagement and resistance?

Aldo Matteucci

Ever since people learned to fight autocracy and oppressive regimes, the battle has raged between ‘accommodationists’ and revolutionaries. The first ones pleaded for dialogue and used, if necessary, civil disobed...

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The Politics of the South Africa Run: European Shipping and Pretoria

Some time after this book went out of print, now many years ago, I found a message on my answer-phone from a London businessman involved in South African shipping. He asked if I were ‘the G. R. Berridge who had written the book on the politics of South African shippi... Read more...

tony honore, Ship


Unvanquished: A U.S.-U.N. Saga

Question: When is a diplomatic victory not a diplomatic victory? Answer: When it is achieved by means of a veto in the Security Council of the United Nations. Nowhere is this maxim more tellingly illustrated than in the Council’s meeting in New York in November 1... Read more...

cafe by default, Unvanquished: A U.S.-U.N. Saga