Antalya Diplomacy Forum 2024

01 March 2024 - 03 March 2024

Antalya, Turkey

Event recording

Event description

The 3rd Antalya Diplomacy Forum, where regional, global, and thematic issues will be discussed, will be held in Antalya on 1-3 March 2024, under the title “Advancing Diplomacy in Times of Turmoil”.

Antalya Diplomacy Forum (ADF) is a high-level dialogue platform bringing together prominent figures in the field of diplomacy. The ADF constitutes a unique platform providing the opportunity for regional and global actors, mainly political leaders, diplomats, opinion makers or academics, to be engaged in discussions on a wide range of cross-cutting topics with global, economic, technological, cultural etc. aspects.

Diplo will participate in the ADF event: ‘The Role of Science and Tech Diplomacy in a Globalized World’ which is to be held on 2 March 2024, at 10:00 UTC. The session will be livestreamed.

You can find more detailed information at the organizer webpage.