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Twitter and diplomacy: A tool or just trouble?

Aldo Matteucci

10 October 2023

Media, Social media

Editorial note: Today, Facebook and X (formerly Twitter) are the most popular e-tools used by diplomatic services. However, controversies surrounding X\'s usage and policies make its future uncle...

News, newsworthiness and ‘truths’

Aldo Matteucci

13 April 2023


An Oxford Don (or Doña? – since my friend Bi is a lady) called me up ...

Why Elon Musk Twitter experiment could be a success – even if it fails?

Jovan Kurbalija

Elon Musk could save social media whether he succeeds or fails in making Twitter an open space for responsible free speech. It is an enormous task, much more complex than Musk’s previous business successes with Tesl...

Improving diplomatic institutions through technology

Andres Josue Aguas Cherf

Despite an increasingly globalised society, the institutions of diplomacy continue using traditional methods that can be improved by the simple use of new technologies. For example, embassies and ministries of foreign...

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Nation branding and the role of public diplomacy in assisting small island states in developing strong nation brands

The concept of applying branding principles and strategies to nation states has been around for decades. However, in recent years, the concept has occupied prime attention in academia and the business sector.... Read more...

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The role of the new media in the electioneering process of developing nations, a case study of Nigeria 2015

Abstract: This dissertation examined the roles new media technologies play in the electioneering process of developing nations. The chosen case study was the Nigeria 2015 presidential elections. For this study, the electioneering period was accepted to commence with fr... Read more...

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Understanding Iran’s Media Diplomacy

Iran's media diplomacy aims to present the country positively on the global stage. Through state-controlled outlets like Press TV and Al-Alam, Iran shares its perspective on international events, often offering a counter-narrative to Western media. This effort is part ... Read more...


Review of the Use of Social Media by the Department of State

The Department of State's use of social media is reviewed for its effectiveness and potential improvements in engaging with the public and promoting U.S. foreign policy.... Read more...

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How safe are we? Security risks of the social networks

We are witnessing an extreme proliferation of the social networks, which can be seen in two ways: an expansion of social network websites, and an increase in the number of people who are starting to use them. The author describes the risks associated with social networ... Read more...

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Social media and networks: What potential is there for policy engagement by citizens in West Africa?

The paper takes a look at concrete case studies in Nigeria, Ghana, and Côte d’Ivoire and looks at different levels of citizens’ engagement in public policy and how social media and networks are being used. Interviews, questions, consultations, discussions, and sur... Read more...

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Diplomatic Reporting: No need to compete with media (CNN, BBC)

In the late 1990s, when Ambassador Nabil Fahmy became Egyptian ambassador in the United States, he decided to change diplomatic reporting from his embassy. Although it was in the early days of the Internet, most of his reasoning about diplomatic reporting is as relevan... Read more...


New Media Tools and Public Diplomacy

The article discusses the role of new media tools in public diplomacy, highlighting their importance in shaping international relations and influencing public opinion. It emphasizes the potential of social media platforms for engaging global audiences, fostering dialog... Read more...

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