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Diplomacy: The art of the impossible

Milan Jazbec

Diplomacy is a complex social process that generally involves implementing the foreign policy interests of the sending authority in the receiving co...

EspriTech de Genève: Nexus between technology and humanity

Jovan Kurbalija

At our last stop of the summer journey \'Recycling ideas\', we come to Geneva, a meeting place of technology and humanity for cen...

Ubuntu Ethos: African Insights for Ethical AI 

Jovan Kurbalija

Ubuntu, a philosophy deeply ingrained in African culture, is widely recognized for establishing harmonious relationships among individuals and communities.Ubuntu is attracting ...

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Multilateral Diplomacy

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Searching for the prehistoric origins of diplomacy

What if diplomacy had started in the first contact between two distinct bands of nomadic Homo sapiens hunter-gatherers in the Palaeolithic period, even before the advent of agriculture and the transition from nomadism to Neolithic sedentary societies? In this post, pre... Read more...

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The ‘Working’ Non-Aligned Movement: Between Belgrade, Cairo, and Baku – The NAM’s Leadership Visibility

The objective of this chapter is to highlight lessons learned, promote best practices, and carry takeaways that are useful for other levels of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), or even other forums. ... Read more...


The Diplomacy of Ancient Greece – A Short Introduction

Employed against a warlike background, the diplomatic methods of the ancient Greeks are thought by some to have been useless but by others to have been the most advanced seen prior to modern times.... Read more...

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Diplomacy and Secret Service

Intelligence officers working under diplomatic protection are rarely out of the news for long, and the last two years have been no exception. How did the relationship between diplomacy and secret intelligence come about? What was the impact on it of the bureaucratizati... Read more...

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Room for Diplomacy: The history of Britain’s diplomatic buildings overseas, 1800-2000

Mark Bertram joined the Ministry of Public Buildings and Works after reading architecture at Cambridge and remained in the civil service as architect, project manager, administrator, estate manager and – in his own words – ‘quasi diplomat’ for the next thirty y... Read more...

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The Summer Capitals of Europe, 1814-1919

This is an original work, meticulously researched, rich in detail, and written in a clear and – here and there – refreshingly pungent style. Soroka is a Russian scholar but at ease in English.... Read more...

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Curing the Sick Man: Sir Henry Bulwer and the Ottoman Empire, 1858-1865

This is the first book of a very promising young historian. Laurence Guymer, who is head of the Department of History at Winchester College and a research associate in the School of History at the University of East Anglia, has produced a biography of Sir Henry Bulwer ... Read more...

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A Diplomatic Whistleblower in the Victorian Era

It’s not often that a fascinating and important new book — in this case about an accomplished diplomat, journalist, whistle-blower, novelist, dissembler and controversial celebrity of Victorian times — is made available, totally free of charge, to anyone with a c... Read more...

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Internet and social media: A focus on diplomacy

Diplomacy has adapted to technological advancements through history, including the internet and social media. Digital diplomacy focuses on utilizing these tools to achieve diplomatic goals, influence global policy, and adapt to new topics like cybersecurity. The intern... Read more...

Telephone diplomacy: Dialling the ‘red line’

The telephone, radio, and telegraph have revolutionized communication and diplomacy over the years. Key figures in the development of the telephone, including Bell, Meucci, Reis, and Gray, played significant roles in its evolution. The telephone's importance in diploma... Read more...

The telegraph: How it changed diplomacy

The telegraph had a profound impact on diplomacy, revolutionizing communication and altering the nature of international relations. It facilitated faster exchanges and influenced how diplomacy was conducted, shifting the power dynamics and organizational structures of ... Read more...

Renaissance diplomacy: Compromise as a solution to conflict

Renaissance diplomacy emerged among Italian city-states in the 15th century, characterized by compromise and peaceful conflict resolution. Great writers and artists thrived during this period, with significant advancements in culture, society, church relations, discove... Read more...

Byzantine diplomacy: The elixir of longevity

The article delves into Byzantine diplomacy, highlighting its longevity and importance in history. The Byzantine Empire's survival relied heavily on diplomacy due to limited military strength, focusing on avoiding wars and using innovative diplomatic practices. Byzanti... Read more...

Ancient Diplomacy: What can it teach us?

The text discusses the role of ancient diplomacy in civilizations such as Mesopotamia, Egypt, Assyria, Persia, China, and India. Writing is highlighted as a key diplomatic 'technology,' with historical examples of diplomatic systems and techniques outlined. The text em... Read more...

Prehistory: Origins of diplomacy and early ‘technologies’

The text explores the origins of diplomacy and early technologies from prehistory. It delves into how human cognitive abilities, cooperation, trade, art, gift exchanges, and the development of language played pivotal roles in the emergence of proto-diplomacy. Tools lik... Read more...