Celebrating the relevance of diplomacy during Ethiopia’s diplomacy week

Diplomacy is in crisis around the world, with military force prevailing as a means of conflict resolution. Diplomacy Week, which began on January 11 at the Science Museum in Addis Ababa, brings some good news for public perception and the relevance of diplomacy. This event brings diplomacy closer to citizens by displaying photos and holding panel discussions about Ethiopia’s 116-year history.

Building of science museum in Addis Ababa

Ethiopia, as a founding member of the League of Nations (later known as the United Nations), has actively worked towards the organisation’s objectives. The country’s representation in the League of Nations was especially significant, as it stood as the only free African nation in a predominantly colonised continent, advocating for the interests of African people.

Ethiopia’s diplomacy was instrumental in the establishment of the African Union. Establishing the Organization of African Union’s headquarters in Addis Ababa marks Ethiopia’s diplomatic victory. The country’s lobbying efforts within the Casablanca and Monrovia Groups successfully persuaded other African nations to choose Addis Ababa as the headquarters of the African Union.

Ethiopia is also a founding member of the UN, and its substantial involvement in peacekeeping missions worldwide, such as in Korea, Liberia, Rwanda, Somalia, and other countries, has positioned it as a critical contributor to global peace efforts.

The panel discussion reflected on the current challenges for Ethiopian diplomacy, including the conflict in northern Ethiopia, which was resolved through engagement and negotiations. By fostering economic and infrastructural ties, mainly through establishing peace relations with Eritrea, Ethiopia continues to strengthen its role in the Horn of Africa.

The exhibition also focuses on the role of a big Ethiopian diaspora in public diplomacy and the promotion of a country worldwide.

Experts have advised Ethiopia to further embrace digital diplomacy, utilising various digital mechanisms to enhance its diplomatic capacity in the modern digital era.

The ongoing Diplomacy Week provides a good platform for dialogue, reflection, and engagement on the future of diplomacy. It will be held till 2 February 2024.

Source: Ethopian Herald