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On 4 May, the Geneva Internet Platform and ICANN organised an open discussion on Ensuri

ICANN is a global multistakeholder organisation that manages Internet resources for the public benefit.

Many digital policy areas increased in relevance in October when compared to previous months.

Though not as eventful and as dynamic as January, a few major events in February increased the pressure on policy areas like net neutrality, cybersecurity, and the IANA stewardship transition, as F

There is less than a month to go to the Geneva Internet Conference.

There is a practical solution for global inviolability of the Internet root zone

[Update] The success of NETmundial is subjective: in summary, it has been seen as a success for those who believe in the multistakeholder proces

Internet governance (IG) developments in 2013 confirmed vividly the old saying that it is difficult to make predictions, especially about the future.


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