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Wikileaks and the Future of Diplomacy: Summary and Reflections

Date: 2011

In 2011, Diplo have held a series of meetings discussing the impact of WikiLeaks on diplomacy. It included two panels in Geneva, one focusing on the general impact of WikiLeaks on diplomacy (11 January), and the second discussing the impact on diplomatic reporting (9 February). Two more sessions were held: one in Bern for Swiss diplomats (4 March) and another in Malta with Commonwealth diplomats (9 March). In parallel, we have been conducting comprehensive research on the informational, technological and organisational aspects of the impact of WikiLeaks on diplomacy.

This paper summarises the main conclusions of our discussions and research. It is close enough in time (3+ months) to understand the emotions, dynamics, and concerns raised by WikiLeaks. It is also far enough – in particular since the media hype has died down – in order to be discussed objectively with a necessary distance.


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