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Twitter and diplomacy: A tool or just trouble?

Aldo Matteucci

10 October 2023

Media, Social media

Editorial note: Today, Facebook and X (formerly Twitter) are the most popular e-tools used by diplomatic services. However, controversies surrounding X\'s usage and policies make its future uncle...

Why Elon Musk Twitter experiment could be a success – even if it fails?

Jovan Kurbalija

Elon Musk could save social media whether he succeeds or fails in making Twitter an open space for responsible free speech. It is an enormous task, much more complex than Musk’s previous business successes with Tesl...

Improving diplomatic institutions through technology

Andres Josue Aguas Cherf

Despite an increasingly globalised society, the institutions of diplomacy continue using traditional methods that can be improved by the simple use of new technologies. For example, embassies and ministries of foreign...

‘Deplatforming’ Donald Trump was a necessary quick fix. What now?

Sebastian Monnet

In the twilight of a presidency characterised by 30,573 lies and constant misinformation, most social media platforms have permanently suspended Donald Trump’s accounts – a move also known as ‘the Great Deplatfo...

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