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Gender equality in diplomacy: Chinese and other foreign ministries

Kishan S Rana

The Chinese Foreign Ministry made a welcome change in its external public outreach after 3 ...

2021: The emergence of digital foreign policy

Jovan Kurbalija

In November 2020, Switzerland introduced its Digital Foreign Policy Strategy, marking a new phase in its efforts to shape the governance of digital issues. For decades, Switzerland has been at the forefront of interna...

Geneva Internet Platform: 10 focus areas for 2021


The Geneva Internet Platform (GIP) aims to provide simple and evidence-based access to and analysis of the complex fields of Internet governance and digital policy. The GIP’s particular focus is on building the capa...

Establishing standards for IoT devices: Recent examples

Efrat Daskal

Precise agriculture, monitoring water use, remote medicine – these are just some of the developments enabled due to the expanding use of Internet of things (IoT) devices. There is no doubt that IoT devices can imp...



Empowering women in the IG process

'At the ICANN meeting in Puerto Rico last year I was not aware of anything unusual in the demographics, but in Hyderabad I noticed that while men of my age were quite well-represented, there were comparatively few women...' - Deirdre Williams from St Lucia... Read more...

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Emerging Leaders for the Digital World 2009

These pages contain the stories of talented people likely to play an important role in future Internet-related developments; all of them former participants in Diplo’s Internet Governance Capacity Building Programme (IG CBP) held between 2005 and 2007.... Read more...

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