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Remote participation discussed during LACRALO meeting

Event description

Diplo’s Virginia (Ginger) Paque was a guest during a recent Latin American and Caribbean Islands Regional At-Large Organisation (LACRALO) meeting.

During the meeting, held on 20 August, Ms Paque joined representatives from the region to talk about the opportunities which remote participation offers to individuals who are unable to attend conferences or meetings in person. She explained the role of moderators and back-up presenters, whose main aim is to ensure that remote participation is at the same level remotely as compared to face-to-face meetings. She emphasised the importance of regional meetings for their input to global meetings.

She also described DiploFoundation’s experience in capacity building and in facilitating remote participation, and referred to the upcoming workshop on remote participation which will be held during the 7th IGF in Azerbaijan, Baku, in November.

LACRALO is ICANN’s At-Large organisation representing the Internet user community in the Latin American region. There are currently 169 At-large organisations (also known as ALS – At-large Structures) worldwide.