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We all need accessibility. To everything. Really.

Virginia (Ginger) Paque

It’s below zero here in Wisconsin (USA). It’s gone up to -16ᐤC as I write. And even though our +30 cm of snow has been mostly ploughed off the roads, the hardened, icy remains are very slip...

Alt text and inclusive communication: Is a picture really worth a thousand words?

Virginia (Ginger) Paque

27 September 2022

Access, Development

Alt text – a text description of an image that can be read by a screen reader – gives visually impaired users auditory input to describe visual media, whether it be a logo, an infographic, or an emotional plea tra...

Digital accessibility in Kenya after COVID-19

Judith Okite

When the COVID-19 outbreak was first announced in Kenya in March 2020, panic began as people saw the effects of curfews and the closing of offices, businesses, and schools. Three days after the initial information r...


Status of internet access and connectivity in Africa

Africa has been focusing on internet connectivity and access as a priority. The continent is a fast adopter of technology, internet penetration rates are growing, and improvements are being made at the level of internet infrastructure. But challenges remain, from consi... Read more...

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Access of ICT benefits for underserved rural communities in developing countries: A case study from Nepal

Policy-makers and governments in developing nations can implement more effective policies and frameworks by gaining a better understanding of the factors that support stakeholders and partners to extend the benefits of information communication technology (ICT) to rura... Read more...

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Local hubs and the work of the RPWG

'It was also very important for me to join other members of the RPWG to be physically present at the IGF, so we could follow the implementation of the RP mechanism, working in partnership with the Secretariat... and providing assistance to the hubs.' - Marilia Maciel f... Read more...

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Creating enabling environments for access to the Internet

'In most developing countries access to the Internet for people without disabilities is an issue. Thus the thought of access to people with disabilities is rarely considered.' - Emmanuel Edet from Nigeria... Read more...

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Towards ‘concrete, physical, and local’

'This is not an outside imposition of technology, but an enthusiastic acceptance of support... the ideal situation, where just a push, just a bit of help, can enable the local population to maximise use of resources under their own direction.' - Virginia Paque from Wis... Read more...

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Launching an ICT campus and beyond

'I found that living in a developed economy is quite different from living in my developing country environment. Things like the Internet are taken for granted...In sub-saharan Africa, lack of the same (Internet) resources would automatically discourage me...' - John W... Read more...

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