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[Webinar] Online freedom of speech: the battle continues

25 September 2012 -


Event description

The Internet has expanded the ability for online users to communicate, participate, engage, and share. Despite rapid technological advances, users continue to experience censorship, infringements on their freedom of speech, surveillance, Internet disconnections, and other limitations.

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Our September webinar will be hosted by Walid Al-Saqaf, a university scholar and activist from Yemen. He will be discussing some of the most burning issues related to freedom of speech online. Questions that will be discussed during the webinar include:

  • How could the challenge of Internet censorship be addressed and contextualised when formulating Internet governance policies?
  • The UN Human Rights Council's issued a resolution affirming human rights on the Internet. What implications could such a step have?
  • In an attempt to bypass restrictions on freedom of speech, do online users have the right to access the Internet anonymously?
  • Are companies removing content arbitrarily, moving away from justifications that censored content may have broken local laws or terms of service?

Join us on Tuesday 25th September at 10:00 GMT for another not-to-be-missed webinar.

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