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In short, our October WebDebate explores the often misunderstood, and regularly overlooked, visual quality of communication as

Recent developments related to the Chinese company Huawei – from discussions in some states about banning their involvement in the development of 5G networks (overview available in the April issue

A helpful approach to make sense of science diplomacy (AAAS and Royal Society, 2010) is the distinction between:

Immigration gives rise to strong emotions.
The Arctic is a place and object of diplomacy. It is particularly interesting to use it as a lens through which to explore various diplomatic approaches and practices.

Narratives provide the organising structure of this web debate on 'Humanising Immigration'

In our December WebDebate, we looked at artificial intelligence (AI).

AI is also emerging as topic on international agendas.

For a while now, blockchain has been discussed as a new technology that could have an impact on our economic and social development.

Recent developments, such as the dispute over the EU’s Galileo Satellite and British access after Brexit, as well as the


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Towards more inclusive and effective diplomacy

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