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Are there ways to protect your data stored at Facebook servers in the cloud? For how long should websites store personal data? Should Twitter filter messages in accordance with national law? These and many other questions are coming into the focus of the global public. The more we rely on the Internet, the more important its governance becomes.

The GIP Digital Watch observatory, a new development by DiploFoundation, in partnership with the Internet Society, keeps track of all the developments in Internet governance and digital policy. In addition, the observatory contains explanatory texts on every issue, a calendar of events, resources, and much more. Every month, we also invite you to join our GIP webinar briefings for a monthly round-up of digital policy developments. The Geneva Internet Platform (GIP) is an initiative of the Swiss authorities operated by Diplo, and is aimed at serving permanent missions based in Geneva, with a special focus on missions from small and developing countries.

Through this section (links below and on the right) you can access alumni research papers, blogs by faculty members and alumni, and videos and visualisations of the main Internet governance issues. The ‘IG Building Under Construction’ (image below), a mapping of Internet governance issues, provides a good starting point.

In the past 13 years, Diplo has trained over 1,500 professionals from 160 countries worldwide. Learn more about Diplo's Internet governance courses, including the Master's in Contemporary Diplomacy with a specialisation in Internet governance, and join the online Internet governance community of alumni and IG professions. Many of these professionals are now among the world's emerging leaders and pioneers in the digital world.


25 Apr 2017 | Geneva, Switzerland; local hubs; and online
28 Mar 2017 | Geneva, Switzerland; local hubs; and online
28 Feb 2017 | Geneva, Switzerland; local hubs; and online


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