Nigeria to develop ‘Nigerium’ blockchain for enhanced data security

The National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) plans to develop an indigenous blockchain called Nigerium to enhance data protection and national security. This initiative was announced by NITDA’s Director General, Kashifu Abdullahi, during a meeting with delegates from the University of Hertfordshire Law School in Abuja.

This announcement follows NITDA’s recent plans to establish research centers for blockchain and other emerging technologies across Nigeria’s six geopolitical zones.

In 2023, the Nigerian government approved a national blockchain policy to provide a legal framework for blockchain adoption. Now, a delegation is proposing the development of a homegrown blockchain.

Nigeria launched the eNaira digital currency in 2021 on a private blockchain using Hyperledger Fabric but has struggled to boost its adoption despite various efforts.

During a visit to Abuja, the University of Hertfordshire Law School delegation, led by Chanu Kuppuswamy, stressed the importance of Nigeria developing its own blockchain to ensure national data security and prevent foreign control over sensitive information.