Introduction to Digital Policy and Diplomacy (just-in-time Geneva-based course)

The Geneva Internet Platform is offering a course aimed to assist permanent missions in Geneva to actively follow the increasingly important field of digital policy, cooperation, and diplomacy. This blended learning course, combining online learning with weekly face-to-face meetings, will be delivered by Diplo, in cooperation with the Republic and State of GenevaUniversity of Geneva, and the South Centre.

The 9-week Introduction to Digital Policy and Diplomacy online course introduces digital policy and covers main issues, including infrastructure and standardisation, cybersecurity, legal issues, economic issues, development and sociocultural issues, human rights, and Internet governance processes and actors.

The course covers emerging technologies; broadband and infrastructure policy; network neutrality; jurisdiction, intellectual property rights, privacy protection; data governance; cybersecurity; digital rights; and more, with space for regional and other issues raised by the participants.

What will you learn?

  • Understand Internet-related terminology, concepts and issues
  • Understand the international aspects of digital policy
  • Identify institutional and negotiation aspects of digital policy
  • Explain the various regional and professional understandings and approaches to digital policy
  • Engage in the policy processes in their countries and regions, as well as in global processes.

How will you learn?

In this course you will interact intensively in discussions with classmates and lecturers from around the world. You will receive guidance and personalised feedback on your classwork from the course team.

How long will you learn?

The course lasts for 9 weeks:

  • 1 week of course introduction and orientation to online learning
  • 8 weeks of addressing the course topics one by one (see below for more details)

Who should apply

The course will benefit diplomats who follow internet-related policy fields (e.g. telecommunications, human rights, cybersecurity, trade, development). While improving their knowledge of digital politics, participants will also gain the practical skills and knowledge required to follow current internet governance processes such as the global internet governance architecture, privacy and data protection, and cybersecurity. The course focuses in particular on diplomatic and policy processes in International Geneva.


The course consist of 8 modules:

  • Introduction to digital policy and diplomacy
  • Infrastructure and standardisation
  • Cybersecurity
  • Legal issues
  • Economic issues
  • Development and sociocultural issues
  • Human rights
  • Internet governance actors and processes

Course lecturers

Jovan Kurbalija

Executive Director

Katharina Höne

Director of Research

Stephanie Borg Psaila

Director of Digital Policy

Vladimir Radunović

Director of Cybersecurity and E-diplomacy


The course runs for 9 weeks, using a blended learning technique combining dynamic exchange in an online classroom with lunchtime learning sessions at the Geneva Internet Platform.

Each week, participants study and discuss course materials and complete additional online activities. At the end of the week, participants and lecturers meet to discuss the topic of the week. For successful completion, this course requires a minimum of 5 hours of study time per week.

The weekly discussion will continue during group meetings at the Geneva Internet Platform. During the informal sandwich lunch, the course faculty will clarify pending issues from the week’s online interaction, and discuss ongoing policy processes with participants. Participants who complete the course successfully will receive a course certificate issued by the Geneva Internet Platform and Diplo.


Applicants must have:

  • Sufficient English language skills to undertake postgraduate-level studies.
  • Regular internet access; dial-up connections are sufficient, broadband is preferable.
  • A minimum of 5 hours of commitment per week, and the readiness to participate in group meetings once a week.

Fees and scholarships

This course is offered free of charge to selected participants through the support of the Swiss government.

Apply for a certificate course

Please apply for this course only if you are based in Geneva. Applications from other locations cannot be considered for this session.

Please do not forget to fill out the short motivation statement on the application form (100 - 150 words) explaining the reasons for your interest in this course. What are your personal and professional objectives for the future, and how will this course help you to reach them?

Late applications will be considered only if places remain in the course.

In case of questions, please contact