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Cyber-Panopticism: A perilous techno-political issue

Akanksha Singh

The global cyber security environment is confronted with a variety of problems, such as network information inundation, information pollution, information infringement, information monopoly and the cybersecurity cri...

Internet protocols and human rights: Interplay or interdependence?

Sebastian Monnet

The Internet, as we know it today, has evolved from a platform of the tech, academic, and research elite, to a tool for the general public, given its wide adoption by the mainstream modern society (Naughton, 2016). Wi...

Schrems II – The judgement and initial reflections

Pavlina Ittelson

Anyone that shops online, uses social media, or even sends an email has most likely had their personal data sent around the world. Data, including your personal details, is transferred over the global network without ...

The reality of science fiction: Behind the scenes of race and technology

Darija Medić

‘Black people live the estrangement that science fiction writers imagine.’ ― Greg Tate (US writer, musician, and founding member of the Black Rock Coalition) Just as the world began to step out of its para...


Indonesia Lokadata Conference

28 Aug 19 -


But first, privacy!

14 Jun 19 -


Diplo & GIP at EuroDIG 2018

05 Jun 18 - 06 Jun 18


Exhibition – Inside Internet corridors

07 May 18 - 11 May 18


Joint Civil Society Meeting 2017

16 Dec 17 -


Diplo at Cyber Week 2017

25 Jun 17 - 29 Jun 17


MAPPING Second General Assembly

31 Oct 16 - 02 Nov 16

Czech Republic

ICT policy and IG workshop in Addis Ababa

06 Apr 11 - 08 Apr 11




Global Cross-Border Privacy Rules Declaration

Global Cross-Border Privacy Rules Declaration Recognising that growing Internet connectivity and the digitisation of the global economy have resulted in the rapid increase in the collection, use, and transfer of data across borders, a trend that continues to accelerate... Read more...

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How safe are we? Security risks of the social networks

We are witnessing an extreme proliferation of the social networks, which can be seen in two ways: an expansion of social network websites, and an increase in the number of people who are starting to use them. The author describes the risks associated with social networ... Read more...

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Tackling privacy issues

'It is necessary to focus the IGF discussion on the real problems associated with the collection and use of personal information. The reality is that there is very little that consumers can do today to protect their personal data...' - Katitza Rodriguez from Peru... Read more...

Katitza Rodriguez