Stefania Grottola

Ms Stefania Grottola is a Project Assistant in Diplo’s Geneva office and a Master’s student in International Affairs at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies (IHEID). She has a BA  in Political Science and International Relations from the University of Salento in Lecce (Italy). As part of her studies, Stefania  is conducting a Capstone research project in Cyber Mediation: The Role of Private Technological Companies in Support of Mediation for the Prevention and Resolution of Violent Conflicts.


CyberMediation conference

19 Nov 19 -



Artificial intelligence and diplomacy: A new tool for diplomats?

10 December 2018

Artificial intelligence (AI) is transitioning from science fiction into our everyday lives. Over the past few years, there has been significant progress in the field of AI, which is increasingly becoming part of our e...

US Cloud Act: implications and reactions

20 March 2018

In the USA, the Clarifying Lawful Overseas Use of Data Act (CLOUD Act) is proposing to establish a new framework for authorities to access data stored abroad and thus amend the Stored Communications Act (SCA). We look...