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[Podcast] Interview with Prof. Frans de Waal: What can diplomacy learn from primates?


In January 2021, Diplo began a series of open monthly Zoom discussions on the evolution of diplomacy and technology titled Diplomacy and Technology: A historical journey, led by Dr Jovan Kurbalija.   As part of the...

Report of ‘The Potential of Virtual Reality for Peace Mediation’ roundtable


Title of event: The Potential of Virtual Reality for Peace Mediation Date 5 Nov 2020    On 5 November 2020, two member organisations of the CyberMediation Network – Crisis Management Initiative (CMI) and DiploFo...

[WebDebate #33 summary] The diplomacy of natural resources in the Middle East

Katharina Höne

In our November WebDebate, we discussed the diplomacy of natural resources in the Middle East. In particular, we focused on water in the Middle East and conflict and co-operation around this scarce resource. We were j...

Private technology companies and the mediation of armed conflict

Cedric Amon

We set out to bridge the gap between the sphere of mediation of armed conflict – traditionally defined as a low-tech environment – and the sphere of technology. Mediators and practitioners need a better understand...

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Multilateral Diplomacy online course

Multilateral Diplomacy

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Bilateral Diplomacy online course

Bilateral Diplomacy

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Cyprus: the search for a solution

Lord Hannay, a senior British diplomat with great experience of multilateral diplomacy, retired in 1995 but was then persuaded to accept the position of Britain’s Special Representative for Cyprus. In this role he played an influential part in the UN-led effort to br... Read more...

a close up of a clock on a wall, cathédrale saint-jean-baptiste, Cyprus


The Embassy: A story of war and diplomacy

This book tells the story of the vital role played by the US Embassy in Monrovia in helping to mediate an end to the brutal, 14-year civil war in Liberia in 2003.... Read more...

ambassador, The Embassy: A Story of War and Diplomacy


Keeping the Peace in the Cyprus Crisis of 1963-64

After some difficulties, a UN force was established in Cyprus (UNFICYP) following the collapse of the bicommunal independence constitution of this former British colony - a constitution which the Greek Cypriots had always felt too favourable to the Turkish minority - a... Read more...

a couple of men standing next to each other, poster, Keeping the Peace in the Cyprus Crisis of 1963-64


Cursed is the Peacemaker: The American Diplomat Versus the Israeli General, Beirut 1982

Philip Habib, a Brooklyn-born son of Lebanese immigrants, joined the US Foreign Service in 1949. Tough, direct, highly intelligent, and a gifted negotiator, by 1965 he had achieved the position of political counsellor in the hottest of all US embassies, Saigon. Thereaf... Read more...

beirut 1982, Siege of Beirut


Herding Cats: Multiparty Mediation in a Complex World

This massive book is divided into three main parts, each of the chapters in which is a case study of a particular mediation written by an individual who played a key role in it. The three parts correspond roughly with a central concept of the book, the 'conflict cycle'... Read more...

atmosphere, Herding Cats: Multiparty Mediation in a Complex World