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What can diplomacy learn from primates? [Podcast interview with Prof. Frans de Waal]

Jovan Kurbalija

In January 2021, Diplo began a series of open monthly Zoom discussions on the evolution of diplomacy and technology titled Diplomacy and Technology:...

Report of ‘The Potential of Virtual Reality for Peace Mediation’ roundtable


Title of event: The Potential of Virtual Reality for Peace Mediation Date 5 Nov 2020    On 5 November 2020, two member organisations of the CyberMediation Network – Crisis Management Initiative (CMI) and DiploFo...

[WebDebate #33 summary] The diplomacy of natural resources in the Middle East

Katharina Höne

In our November WebDebate, we discussed the diplomacy of natural resources in the Middle East. In particular, we focused on water in the Middle East and conflict and co-operation around this scarce resource. We were j...

Private technology companies and the mediation of armed conflict

Cedric Amon

We set out to bridge the gap between the sphere of mediation of armed conflict – traditionally defined as a low-tech environment – and the sphere of technology. Mediators and practitioners need a better understand...

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Virtual Reality and the Future of Peacemaking (Briefing Paper #14)

The briefing paper discusses the potential of virtual reality in fostering peacebuilding efforts worldwide. Through VR technology, individuals can develop empathy, understand different perspectives, and communicate effectively, facilitating conflict resolution. VR appl... Read more...

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Mediation and artificial intelligence: Notes on the future of international conflict resolution

Over the last years AI has emerged as a hot topic with regard to its impact on our political, social, and economic lives.... Read more...


Barriers to conflict resolution in Africa: Mediating beyond power and ethnicity in the EAC and SADC countries through a Kenyan case study

This paper assesses the relevance of ethnicity and power in conflicts occurring in the EAC and SADC regions through a case study of Kenya. It engages with elites’ power contestation and the manner in which power has historically caused violence and instability in Ken... Read more...

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The Embassy: A story of war and diplomacy

This book tells the story of the vital role played by the US Embassy in Monrovia in helping to mediate an end to the brutal, 14-year civil war in Liberia in 2003.... Read more...

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Regional water cooperation in the Arab – Israeli Conflict: A case study of the West Bank

The conflict between Israel and Arab countries, with several devastating wars, is about territory and land, and maybe just as crucially on the water that flows through that land. This dissertation, an analysis of the management of water in the West Bank, as a case stud... Read more...

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The Mediation Process: Practical Strategies for Resolving Conflict

The Mediation Process: Practical Strategies for Resolving Conflict offers guidance on effectively resolving conflicts through mediation.... Read more...

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Female leadership in conflict prevention, diplomacy and UN peacekeeping initiatives

The importance of female leadership in conflict prevention, diplomacy, and UN peacekeeping initiatives is highlighted in the following text.... Read more...

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Intractable Syria? Insights from the Scholarly Literature on the Failure of Mediation

The article discusses the challenges and reasons behind the failure of mediation efforts in Syria based on scholarly literature.... Read more...