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[WebDebate] AI for peacemaking: New tools and opportunities for mediators

04 June 2019


Event description

Mediation, the resolution of international conflicts with the help of skilled intermediaries, has traditionally been considered a ‘low tech’ field in which interpersonal skills, savoir-faire, and emotional intelligence are considered to represent the most important attributes of a good mediator. At the same time, the field is evolving and needs to adjust to changing social contexts, which are increasingly impacted by digital technology. In this WebDebate, we will explore the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) for peacemaking and zoom in on new tools and opportunities for mediators. 
AI tools could become important resources for mediators. Insights based on machine learning, such as the analysis of satellite images or large amounts of text, could be important for conflict analysis. We will explore some of these tools and the opportunities they offer for mediation. Based on that, we will enter into a discussion with experienced mediators on the feasibility of these tools and how they fit into the role and work of the mediator.
Join us online on 4 June at 11:00 UTC / 13:00 CEST. Registrations for this event are now closed.

Our speakers

Mr. Enrico Formica (Senior Mediation Officer, Policy and Mediation Division, Department of Political Affairs, United Nations Office at Geneva)

Dr. Katharina Höne (Senior Researcher with a focus on digital technology and diplomacy. DiploFoundation)

Mr. Diego Osorio (Canadian, an expert in mediation, negotiations and peace processes; Ph.D. candidate in complexity and institutional design @Utrecht University; Associate Fellow at Concordia U’s MIGS (Montréal Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies); UQAM’s  Chair Raoul-Dandurand en études stratégiques et diplomatiques)

Amb. Milos Strugar (Executive director of the Conflux Center, UN Senior Mediation Adviser, independent consultant, university lecturer, writer, and columnist)

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