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CyberMediation: New technologies for political mediation

13 March 2018 -

Geneva and online

Event description

How can digital technology contribute to political mediation? The UN Department of Political Affairs, DiploFoundation, the Geneva Internet Platform, the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue, swisspeace, and researchers from Harvard University joined forces to explore how digital technology is impacting the role of mediators in the prevention and resolution of violent conflict. Join our launch event on 13 March 2018, from 13:00-15:00 CET, in Geneva or online.


New technologies for political mediation: opportunities and risks

13 March, 2018

13.00 – 15.00 CET

Geneva Internet Platform (2nd floor, WMO building), Geneva and online


The initiative

The development of digital technology is impacting our societies and professional fields. It is expected that the technology sector will continue to rapidly develop in the coming years. This trend will have deep consequences on the way we conduct business in virtually every area, and peacemaking is no exception.

As a traditionally low-tech, human-intensive field, mediation is facing new opportunities and challenges stemming from the use and misuse of new-tech manifestations, such as smart applications, social media, and big data sets, questions of transparency, spoilers and confidentiality.

Against this backdrop, the UN Department of Political Affairs, DiploFoundation, the Geneva Internet Platform, the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue, swisspeace, and researchers from Harvard University have come together in Geneva to develop an initiative to explore how digital technology is impacting the mediators’ role in preventing and resolving violent conflict.

The event

On 13 March, we will be launching the CyberMediation initiative, starting with lunch refreshments at 12:30 at the Geneva Internet Platform (2nd floor, WMO Building).  Alternatively, you can follow the discussion and actively participate online on our webinar platform from 13:00 CET.

In this initial phase, the CyberMediation initiative consists of four main thematic streams:

  • Impact of new technologies on mediation
  • Social media
  • Data for mediation
  • Artificial intelligence, including text mining


12:30         Lunch and refreshments

13:00         Message from by Mr Michael Møller, director-general, UN Geneva

13:15         Presentation and discussion on the CyberMediation initiative and themes

14:45         Coffee and networking

Contact and registration

Registration for online and in situ participation is now open. For more information, please contact Barbara Rosen Jacobson at
If you are attending online, the webinar link will be e-mailed to you one hour before the scheduled time.