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Abdulbasit Mukhtar (not verified) December 29, 2012

Thanks for sharing the outcome of your participation in the Belgrade seminar. What I find very interesting is the remark about the state department not realizing the talents available in the state department. I have benefited from training offered by DiploFoundation to know the truism of this observation as it relates to my own working environment. The urgent task for all of us is to create awareness among diplomatic institutions to look inward, across disciplines, to see how they can tap into the experiences people from other disciplines can bring into diplomatic work.

Sandra Arenas (not verified) January 01, 2013

I appreciate your reflection about Branko's understanding on diplomacy. He understood his job as a mission and a vocation, no doubts about that; his 'modesty' was, however, not only manifested at work but also, and mostly, in his ordinary life...

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