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Kishan S Rana (not verified) July 27, 2018

Comment: Diplomats that seek protection in the receiving state and in effect ask for immunity from their own countries. But how many of these are ‘economic refugees’, i.e. seeking simply a better life for themselves, in effect misusing that country’s political asylum rules, for ‘economic betterment’? Are receiving states sufficiently discerning to identify bogus asylum claims? The above article does not seem to address this issue.

alan franklin (not verified) July 27, 2018

Thanks for your comment, which is perhaps an important issue not just in regard to asylum claims by diplomats, but in regard to all asylum claims. In Canada, the Immigration and Refugee Board has the responsibility of hearing all claims, and determining whether the claim fits within the "refugee" definition under the Convention; if the board determines that it is merely an economic claim, then they will reject the claim.

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