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Are rhetoric and persuasion losing their impact on the public?

Published on 02 April 2012
Updated on 19 March 2024

It is a question as old as humanity. There are many historical speeches with have moved people and influenced history. Today, rhetoric faces serious limits. Even,  great speeches by Obama have had just a very modest impact on  public opinion. This New Yorker article discusses the limits of persuasion in the modern US political system. In some cases, well-prepared and excellently delivered political speeches by Obama have worked against his political interests.  For an elaborate argument see the New Yorker article.

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  1. Angelic
    Angelic says:

    Interesting that you mention
    Interesting that you mention this. A few days ago I was also discussing this with a few people and we all felt that nowadays interviews, articles and presentations by policy makers and politicians have far less reach and influence, especially among the younger generation. Some felt that in order to increase the reach and have the influence again, greater and increased use should be made of social media such as facebook and twitter!


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