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Part 3 – Speaking of futures: Presuppositions

Biljana Scott

Part 1 - Speaking of futures: Story-capsules  | Part 2 - Speaking of futures: Que ser...

Part 1 – Speaking of futures: Story-capsules

Biljana Scott

Part 2 - Speaking of futures: Que será, será  | Part 3 – Speaking of futures: Pres...

The diplomatic consequences of Mrs Sacoolas

Geoff Berridge

02 February 2024

On 8 December 2022, appearing by video link at the Old Bailey in London, Anne Sacoolas, US ...

‘Soft power’ is nothing more than influence

Geoff Berridge

The term ‘soft power’ (and its siblings ‘hard power’ and ‘smart power’), employ...

Examining human destiny: Ancient Greece vs Judeo-Christianity

Aldo Matteucci

19 August 2023

For 2000 years, we have read the Greek classics. We have done so in a peculiar fashion. Their gods were central to their worldview. We discarded their gods, which we despised as mere idols. In do...

Why do crowds riot?

Aldo Matteucci

04 August 2023

I’m indebted for this insight to Duncan J. Watts\'s book Everything is Obvious (Once You ...

Diplomatic realism: Nixon, Kissinger, and Pakistan

Aldo Matteucci

27 May 2023

Kissinger demanded that Nixon stand firm [in supporting Pakistan]. \'If the outcome of this...

Gender equality in diplomacy: Chinese and other foreign ministries

Kishan S Rana

The Chinese Foreign Ministry made a welcome change in its external public outreach after 3 ...