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Diplomatic realism: Nixon, Kissinger, and Pakistan

Aldo Matteucci

27 May 2023

Kissinger demanded that Nixon stand firm [in supporting Pakistan]. \'If the outcome of this...

Gender equality in diplomacy: Chinese and other foreign ministries

Kishan S Rana

The Chinese Foreign Ministry made a welcome change in its external public outreach after 3 ...

The border-making process in Africa

Aldo Matteucci

When I first mentioned to a diplomatic friend my intention of writing a blog entry on \'dip...

Humanising immigration: Taking the discussion further

Biljana Scott

In this blog post, I want to respond to some of the questions that were raised during our r...

News, newsworthiness and ‘truths’

Aldo Matteucci

13 April 2023


An Oxford Don (or Doña? – since my friend Bi is a lady) called me up ...

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