Privileges and immunities

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Global Affairs Canada: What are the lessons?

Alan Franklin

Will actions taken by Global Affairs Canada to investigate and discipline its employees both in Canada and abroad result in changes in diplomatic behaviour? Lessons for others? <!-- /wp:paragr...

Reaffirming the foundations of diplomacy: The brighter side of the Mexican embassy incident

Jovan Kurbalija

On April 4th, the sanctity of diplomatic premises was shaken at its core as Ecuadorian special forces...

Diplomatic immunity law and jus cogens: Can the relationship result in invalidating the VCDR or the VCCR?

Alan Franklin

Many commentators suggest that the concepts of diplomatic immunity are outdated because they were developed prior to the emergence of fundamental concepts of international human rights law. It is suggested that immuni...

State immunity: Germany revisits earlier ICJ decision and its potential ramifications for diplomatic immunity

Alan Franklin

On 3 February 2012, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) rendered its judgment on the issue of jurisdictional immunity in the case Jurisdictional Immunities of the State (Germany v. Italy: Greece intervening) rega...



Diplomatic Privileges and Immunities

The text discusses the distinctions between privileges, immunities, and facilities in the context of diplomatic relations. It explains how privileges exempt diplomats from certain laws, while immunities protect them from legal processes in the receiving state. Diplomat... Read more...

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The system of privileges and immunities applicable to the international organisations in Switzerland and to the permanent foreign delegations in Geneva

Amadeo Perez is Legal Adviser to the Permanent Mission of Switzerland to the International Organisations in Geneva, and this booklet is therefore authoritative. It is a revised edition of an article published in the UNITAR Employment Guide by Jean-Pierre Vettovaglia in... Read more...

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Did diplomatic immunity exist in the ancient Near East?

The text discusses the concept of diplomatic immunity in the ancient Near East.... Read more...

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The History of Diplomatic Immunity

This is a massive book in more than one sense. It is over 700 pages long, including an invaluable bibliography which itself stretches over 70 pages. While dwelling chiefly on the Western tradition, it also takes in the Ottoman Empire and the Far East.... Read more...

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The History of Diplomatic Immunity

A thorough and extensive book on diplomatic immunity covering Western tradition, the Ottoman Empire, and the Far East. It provides a comprehensive historical overview, but its heavy reliance on examples and cases sometimes clouds key ideas. The authors occasionally ove... Read more...

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A diplomatic analogy: International functionaries and their privileges

Although many have grappled with the question of what privileges and immunities international officials should enjoy, no satisfactory theoretical framework has evolved. This paper discusses how the issue evolved over time, how extensive the problem is and why the respo... Read more...


Draft Articles on Jurisdictional Immunities of States and their Property

Text adopted by the Commission at its forty-third session, in 1991, and submitted to the General Assembly as a part of the Commission’s report covering the work of that session. The report, which also contains commentaries on the draft articles, appears in Yearboo... Read more...

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Diplomatic Immunity: Principles, Practices, Problems

Diplomatic Immunity: Principles, Practices, Problems" explores the concept of diplomatic immunity, its application, and the challenges it poses.... Read more...

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