Nation branding

Nation branding can be understood as a part of public diplomacy and is a good instrument for building the ”soft power” of the state. It is a powerful political tool in positioning on a global market. It may have a significant impact on economic visibility, thus aid in attracting additional businesses, investments and increasing exports.
The goal of national branding is shaping and managing a country’s image. Sports, tourism, export, culture are all methods for a country to display its brand, with the purpose of economic growth.

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Asoke Mukerji

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Nation branding and the role of public diplomacy in assisting small island states in developing strong nation brands

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Food, Ketchup, Logo, Armor


Public diplomacy and nation brand

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Food, Ketchup, Logo, Armor


Brands and national image: An exploration of inverse country-of-origin effect

The study explores the relationship between perceptions about products produced in a country and the country's reputation and image. It considers country-of-origin effect (COO) from an inverse perspective; rather than looking at how national reputation affects percepti... Read more...


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