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Diplomatic service

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Improving diplomatic institutions through technology

Andres Josue Aguas Cherf

Despite an increasingly globalised society, the institutions of diplomacy continue using traditional methods that can be improved by the simple use of new technologies. For example, embassies and ministries of foreign...

Can we teach 20 000 students (at the same time)?


Diplo specialises in online learning. As a result, people tend to send our director links for current articles on online learning. He tends to share these with me (Diplo’s educational programmes director) and sugges...

Is tweeting a breach of diplomatic function?

Jovan Kurbalija

China’s environmental official criticised the US Embassy in Beijing for tweeting data on air-pollution in China – data collected by air-sensors at the Embassy’s premises.[1] Chinese officials said that such prac...

Training and courses


senior citizen, Ernest Mason Satow


Diplomatic Education

Diplomatic Education’ was published as Chapter 11 in: An Anthology Celebrating the Twentieth Anniversary of the Higher Colleges of Technology, ed. Tayeb A Kamali, (HCT Press, UAE, 2007).... Read more...

senior citizen, Ivo Andrić

revista ambos, Dictionary of National Biography


Knowledge management and diplomacy

In this paper we aim to provide a comprehensive introduction to the topic of knowledge management in diplomacy. First we provide working definitions of knowledge and knowledge management, and examine the evolution of the concepts. Next, we consider specific features of... Read more...

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Ivo Andric on diplomacy

Many remember Ivo Andric for his Nobel Prize for Literature. He is also remembered as a diplomat with over 20 years of experience. In his note on diplomacy, published here for the first time in English with the kind permission of the Andric Foundation, Andric describes... Read more...

human behavior, Ivo Andrić


From parallel to dual careers: Diplomatic spouses

This paper provides a brief summary of the main issues relevant to the contemporary role of diplomatic spouses and its future in the contemporary European context. It outlines some of the measures being introduced by Foreign Services to respond to the changing role and... Read more...

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The Yugoslav diplomatic service under sanctions

Sanctions adversely affect all the structures of the state and society, and render difficult, if not impossible, the normal operation of services, including the Foreign Service.This paper discusses the challenges faced by the Yugoslav diplomatic service when the countr... Read more...

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The role of the legal adviser in modern diplomatic services

The role of the legal adviser in modern diplomatic services. This paper discusses the role of the legal adviser in modern diplomacy services and the efforts that must go into preserving all possibilities, meagre as they may be, to raise his voice and keep making effort... Read more...

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