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Ten years of bitcoin and a look back at 2018

Arvin Kamberi

3 January 2019 marks the ten year anniversary of the first blockchain block created. On this day back in 2009 the first block, called the ‘Genesis block’, was mined in the bitcoin blockchain by anonymous online ...

[WebDebate #25 summary] Blockchain for development: a critical assessment

Andrijana Gavrilović

In our November WebDebate, we looked at blockchain technology. The WebDebate included an introduction to, and overview of, blockchain technology, and a brief exploration of some emerging and popular use-cases and appl...

Cybermediation: What role for blockchain and artificial intelligence?


  Last week, the Geneva Internet Platform hosted an event on #Cybermediation, as part of the #Cybermediation initiative. The discussion, moderated by DiploFoundation\'s Interim Director Dr Stephanie Borg Psail...

Bitcoin split and the Segregated Witness

Arvin Kamberi

Bitcoin is growing rapidly. As we wrote two years ago, Bitcoin’s future was uncertain. The scalability of the network was at the centre of a dispute among major Bitcoin developers. Several solutions were fighting fo...

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