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[WebDebate] Blockchain for development: a critical assessment

06 November 2018 -


Event description

For a while now, blockchain has been discussed as a new technology that could have an impact on our economic and social development. Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency – and one of the most prominent examples of blockchain technology – created a hype. But blockchain is also discussed in connection with achieving the sustainable development goals (SDGs), e-voting, e-health, public registries, alternative governance, and other areas of application. In this webinar we will focus on the role of blockchain in the context of diplomacy and development.

Blockchain technology can be imagined as a distributed ledger whose records are unchangeable. It is based on a community which is organised in a network, and uses open source software combined with cryptography mathematics and computation to ensure transparency and immutability.

This webinar is open to non-technical experts and offers an introduction to and overview of the technology. This will be followed by a brief exploration of some emerging and popular use-cases and applications.

Our experts, together with the online audience, will also explore some of the challenges, including:

  • Guidelines for when blockchain can make a real difference
  • Reasons for the slow uptake of the technology, despite its promise
  • Challenges related to needed shifts in the underlying governance model
  • Technological challenges

Join us online on 6 November at 12:00 UTC / 13:00 CET (please note the change in the UTC). 

Our speakers

dincic_1Mr Dejan Dinčić is a digital transformation and online learning specialist, based in Geneva. Formerly technical director of DiploFoundation, he now teaches and provides strategic advice for Diplo. Since 2016 he has also worked as a consultant for international organisations, development NGOs, and UN agencies. He is a sought-after trainer and facilitator who brings topic knowledge, technical expertise, and effective training methodologies to events and workshops. His major research interests include digital transformation and knowledge management.

arvinMr Arvin Kamberi is an expert in remote participation and heads up DiploFoundation’s Webinar Team. He has been following cryptocurrency and blockchain developments; first as an avid ‘miner’, then more in terms of regulation and consensus mechanisms surrounding the decentralised systems. His primary focus is on Bitcoin development, but he follows other cryptocurrency developments and the blockchain/distributed ledger technology, too. He is an editor of the Geneva Digital Watch issue page: ‘e-money and virtual currency’. Arvin writes extensively about Bitcoin and blockchains.

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