Mary Murphy
Communications Trainer

Ms Mary Murphy is a communications trainer and publishing consultant based in Budapest. She specialises in communication bootcamps for non-native-English speakers, one-to-one and group coaching in public speaking, and English-language writing assessments and training. A weekly columnist with the Budapest Times, Ms Murphy is also an active blogger. She holds an MA in International Publishing from Oxford Brookes University, UK, and a Master of Contemporary Diplomacy from the University of Malta.


Diplomatic distancing

13 January 2015

As more than 40 heads of state and dignitaries visited Paris on Sunday to show their solidarity with the people of France under the banner of anti-terrorism and freedom of speech, some in Budapest were wondering why P...

Press conferences in the twenty-first century

29 September 2014

Diplomacy, like any other profession, has had to move with the times. Diplomats ignore the power of social media at their peril. Whether or not they themselves choose to engage with Twitter or Facebook or blogs, there...

From film house to ghost house: eight former embassies around the world

19 September 2014

Blogger Craig Thompson takes a look at how former embassies around the world have been repurposed. I thought it interesting. I think you might enjoy it, too.   SPOT – Taipei Film House The latest issue...

Oops! What did I do wrong?

26 March 2014

In what had the nation reeling and rolling its collective eyes to heaven as it let out a cry of disbelief last month, an Irish homeowner who set up a website to show his CCTV footage of bad boys caught in the act of b...



The impact of the Internet on diplomatic reporting: how diplomacy training needs to be adjusted to keep pace

Over the last 20 years, the Internet has changed the ways in which we work, how we socialise and network, and how we interact with knowledge and information.... Read more...

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