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DiploNews – Issue 441 – 15 April 2022

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Upcoming events

Internet governance in April 2022 (Briefing #84)

Digital policy updates never stop coming in! You can rely on us to bring you an end-of-month analysis of the highlights. Don’t miss our April Internet Governance Briefing! Register and join us on Tuesday, 26th April, at 12.00 UTC (14.00 CEST). Register here!

Main takeaways from our recent events

Science Diplomacy in 2022: More Cooperation or More Division? (WebDebate #53)

History is full of examples of unexpected cooperation between rival countries. Nonetheless, science diplomacy does not automatically lead to more peaceful relations between countries. Additionally, international cooperation to reach common goals cannot be taken for granted. We discussed these topics and more with Dr Kimberly Montgomery (American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)) and Mr Alexis Roig (SciTech DiploHub; Barcelona’s Chief Science and Tech Envoy). Check out the event recording and find further resources!

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Blogs and publications

◆ Will science diplomacy survive?

‘The utopian flames of science and peace should be kept alive. They may enlighten us in the future.’ In his blog post, Jovan Kurbalija (Executive Director, Diplo; Head, Geneva Internet Platform (GIP)) discusses the challenges science diplomacy faces, and the need for a balance between utopia and realpolitik. Read it here!

◆ The USA is pursuing holistic digital diplomacy

The U.S. State Department’s Bureau of Cyberspace and Digital Policy (CDP) began operating just a few days ago. Will it change diplomacy as we know it? Jovan Kurbalija analyses. Read it here!

◆ Digital Watch monthly newsletter – Issue 68 – April 2022

Newsletter banner MAR2022 DW Banner 900x736px headerIn this issue, we continue our special coverage of the Ukraine conflict with a four-part article that looks at:

  • country responses to the spread of disinformation
  • battle between Russia and Meta
  • use of AI and facial recognition during wartime
  • cost of cyberwar for other countries

We also cover the new Digital Markets Act which moved to the next phase on its journey to become law. You will also find a rich barometer of developments, and an even richer analysis of Geneva discussions. Read it here!

◆ Digital Watch weekly newsletters

Your weekend reads are here! The latest Digital Watch issues analyse a number of issues:

  • extensive coverage on the digital aspect of the war in Ukraine
  • Google and Apple getting sued for misuse of dominant market position
  • Meta’s tentative to sabotage TikTok
  • official start of the US State Department’s cyber diplomacy bureau
  • Google’s plan to introduce a ‘Reject All’ cookie button

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Don’t miss…

◆ Richard Werly strengthens Diplo’s Top Expert Team

Diplo is proud to announce that Richard Werly, renowned journalist and political analyst with great experience in international and European affairs, has joined our team on 1 April as senior strategic advisor . Find out more!

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