Has the coronavirus deprived us of choice?

biscott@diplomacy.edu   26 Mar 2020   Diplo Blog, Diplomacy, E-Diplomacy, E-Learning

Diplomacy goes virtual as the coronavirus goes viral

Jovan Kurbalija   06 Mar 2020   E-Diplomacy, Webinars

Online meetings: Reducing carbon and increasing participation

Arvin Kamberi   24 Jan 2020   E-Diplomacy, E-tools

2020: The year of online participation

Arvin Kamberi   08 Jan 2020   Diplo Blog, Diplomacy, E-Diplomacy, E-Learning, E-tools, Internet Governance

Will algorithms make safe decisions in foreign affairs?

Eun Chang Choi   17 Dec 2019   Diplo Blog, Diplomacy, E-Diplomacy

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