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By Jovan Kurbalija on 15 Sep 2017 | From the channel/s: 

If they existed, could AI robots have helped resolve  the USA-North Korean crisis? How long will it take for AI to be used in negotiations, or to alter diplomatic practice as we know it today?

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By Barbara on 14 Jul 2017 | From the channel/s: 

Social life is a complex phenomenon, whether we are looking at offline or online interactions. We identify. We form groups. We sense belonging. We dislike. We exclude. Without evident reasons, we feel connected to some and disconnected to others.

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By Barbara on 16 May 2017 | From the channel/s: 

Digital devices play an increasingly central role in many people's lives and analogue tools are becoming quickly outdated. Phone books, travel agencies, and taxi companies are becoming obsolete with the advent of mobile phones, Airbnb, Uber, and countless other online solutions.

By Ana Andrijević on 16 Feb 2017 | From the channel/s: 

The second annual Geneva Engage Awards, held on 8 February 2017, have honoured the most effective actors in social media engagement in 2016.

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By Editor on 6 Feb 2017 | From the channel/s: 

The annual Geneva Engage Awards recognise the efforts in social media outreach by various actors in International Geneva.

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By Barbara on 12 Jan 2017 | From the channel/s: 

Filter bubbles describe how our online experiences are taking place in a tailor-made, personalised world that shows like-minded visions and hides views we might not agree with.

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By Jovan Kurbalija on 4 Nov 2016 | From the channel/s: 

This list of 25 points relies on experience gathered over more than 20 years of analysing new technologies in diplomacy, their hype, their sudden disappearances, and their occasional survivals.


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