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Policy Meets Tech: Artificial intelligence

21 November 2023

in-situ, Geneva

Event description

The second event in the ‘Policy meets tech’ series will be dedicated to artificial intelligence. It will focus on unpacking AI technology and discussing its policy implications.

The event will offer participants the opportunity to understand the inner workings of neural networks, machine learning, and the foundational technologies that drive AI, thus equipping them with the technical insights necessary for negotiating future AI governance and policy arrangements. Also included will be a guide through a series of practical AI tools developed by Diplo (for instance, for reporting and speech drafting).

Key highlights:

  • Demystifying AI technologies in a simple, approachable manner.
  • Getting insights into neural networks, machine learning, and other core AI technologies.
  • Understanding the technical impact of AI on diplomacy and global governance.

The series is organised by Diplo, with the support of the US Permanent Mission to the UN in Geneva, and is dedicated to permanent missions in Geneva. This programme features a series of informative sessions for diplomats in Geneva, with the primary goals of demystifying the intricate realm of digital technologies, comprehending their capabilities and limitations, and delving into their policy implications in a manner that is both practical and pertinent for diplomats. From the intricacies of internet protocols to the intricacies of quantum computing, from cryptography to algorithms, these discussions will provide in-depth insights into the technical underpinnings of these technologies, their real-world applications, and the policy opportunities and challenges they present.

The event is only open to permanent missions in Geneva. For details, please contact Ms Sorina Teleanu, Director of Knoweldge, at