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By Editor on 20 Nov 2015 | From the channel/s: 

Geneva Peace Week was organised by the Geneva Peacebuilding Platform. Here is the summary of the twitter coverage of the Geneva Peace Week activities......


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By Roxana Radu on 21 Sep 2015 | From the channel/s: 

Managing complex governance arrangements in the absence of trust is the new million dollar (bitcoin?) question.

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By Editor on 4 Sep 2015 | From the channel/s: 

On 28 and 29 August, 30 diplomats gathered in Bangkok to learn about and discuss cyber diplomacy, a practice that is vital to avoid conflict and miscommunication in global Internet policy-making.

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By Editor on 29 Jun 2015 | From the channel/s: 

More than 40 diplomats, computer specialists and academics addressed the impact of the Internet on the changing landscape in which diplomacy operates (geo-politics, economy), the emergence of new Internet topics on diplomatic agendas (cybersecurity, data protection), and the use of new digital to

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By Editor on 4 Jun 2015 | From the channel/s: 

From 25 to 29 May 2015, the ICT development community, joined by diplomats, academics, and business representatives, gathered to discuss topics related to Internet governance (IG).

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By Editor on 25 Mar 2015 | From the channel/s: 

The Internet poses a wide range of challenges for modern diplomacy, including how to protect national cybersecurity, how to govern the Internet on the global level, and how to keep up with the content policy dynamics.

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By Editor on 11 Feb 2015 | From the channel/s: 

Students currently following the University of Malta's Master/Postgraduate Diploma in Contemporary Diplomacy, run by DiploFoundation, were last week invited to the University of Malta's Faculty of Arts library by the Dean of the Faculty, Profes

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By Jovan Kurbalija on 4 Aug 2014 | From the channel/s: 

Could the Great War have been avoided if leaders had gotten together and negotiated in person instead of exchanging telegrams?  In the voluminous historiography of the origins of WWI, there is a very little on the role of the telegraph.  Today, as Twitter takes its place co

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By petecranston on 4 Aug 2014 | From the channel/s: 

Jovan Kurbalija, Diplo Director, has been tweeting live updates from 1914, marking the suddenly acceleration of history after the assassination of the Archduke Ferdinand on 28 July 1914.  "Slow developments taking months, if not years, evolved into a rush with the picture changing hour-by-hour.

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By Editor on 5 Jun 2014 | From the channel/s: 

If Benjamin Franklin, the first diplomat to represent the US, were able to time-travel his way here, he might choose to paraphrase himself: “either tweet something worth reading, or do something worth tweeting.”


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