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Year in review: The digital policy developments that defined 2021

Stephanie Borg Psaila

For most countries, 2021 was a continuation of pandemic woes. As people swapped contact tracing apps for vaccine passports, the wave of misinformation on COVID-19 vaccines spread even faster.  Beyond COVID-19, the b...

Blockchain and the Future of Governance

Roxana Radu

Managing complex governance arrangements in the absence of trust is the new million dollar (bitcoin?) question. <!-- wp:p...

NETmundial 2014 – a roundup of reflections


\'NETMundial mattered, even if there was little apparent progress on substantive issues\', seems to be the consensus from the commentaries and reflections that have emerged this week. \"There is much to celebrate. ...

Day 1 at NETmundial: Rejecting mass surveillance, fostering net neutrality

Pete Cranston

From the corridors of negotiations to the end of the night discussing principles and a roadmap for an acceptable summit declaration, Jovan Kurbalija and Vladimir Radunovic give us their insight on this promising summi...

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