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Civil society

Civil society is increasingly important actor in multilateral diplomacy. Typically, it represents views and interest of general public.

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[Webinar summary] What is the role of civil society and communities towards a peaceful cyberspace?

Andrijana Gavrilović

11 December 2018

Civil society

The Geneva Internet Platform (GIP) organised a webinar entitled ‘What is the role of civil society and communities towards a peaceful cyberspace?’ within the framework of the Geneva Dialogue on Responsible Behavio...

Would the real diplomacy please stand up!

Katharina Höne

‘We must end the obsession with creating new “types” of diplomacy.’ writes Shaun Riordan in his recent post for the blog of the Center on Public Diplomacy. Indeed, those practices we describe as diplomacy are ...

Ensuring that civil society’s voice is heard in ICANN


On 4 May, the Geneva Internet Platform and ICANN organised an open discussion on Ensuring Civil Society\'s Voice is Heard in ICANN. The discussion, held in Geneva, brought together experts involved in ICANN processes,...

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The role of diplomatic missions in Open Government

The purpose of this research paper is to assess the degree to which Open Government values and principles are being implemented by the diplomatic missions of Moldova and Malta, particularly in regards to their work with civil society and citizens' participation in poli... Read more...

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UN conferences on the spot – voices from civil society

In the fourth chapter of the book, Britta Sadou, focuses on non-governmental organisations (NGOs). Sadou introduces this particular group as civil society actors and continues by discussing possibilities provided to NGOs by various UN summits. The author highlights som... Read more...

multi diplomacy, Multistakeholder Diplomacy: Challenges and Opportunities


Multistakeholder Diplomacy – Challenges and Opportunities

This book is a collection of papers from Diplo’s February 2005 conference in Malta and from research interns involved in our Multistakeholder Diplomacy internship programme.... Read more...

Multistakeholder Diplomacy - Challenges and Opportunities