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Intercultural Communication Essentials Workshop Dr Biljana Scott Senior Fellow, DiploFoundation workshop author and lecturer What is the Intercultural Communication Essentials workshop about?
Why do small assumptions sometimes escalate into big misunderstandings? How can we avoid misreading each other? Are we all too hasty in jumping to judgment?

Dr Biljana Scott was trained as a linguist (BA in Chinese, M.Phil and D.Phil in Linguistics, University of Oxford).

Can poetry help diplomacy? A joke, surely! Poetry and diplomacy are worlds apart and have nothing in common other than using language as a medium.

Participants at the Persuasion Seminar, April 2013, Geneva

Prof. Dietrich Kappeler honoured during the Persuasion Seminar

Family photo with Professor Dietrich Kappeler (April 2013)


Panelists during the Persuasion Seminar, April 2013, Geneva

In our March WebDebate, we explored the contribution of diplomats to literature an


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