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[GUIDE] Livestreaming on social media platforms

Year: 2020

Social media platforms can scale your outreach. Many people use social media platforms as their primary source of information. They check their feed regularly mostly using mobile devices. Social media algorithms suggest to users what was watched by their friends or contacts.

Social media can be used in two ways. The first is to integrate your existing meeting from your chosen online platform onto a social media platform. The second is to broadcast yourself directly on social media. This article tackles the first method.

Integrating a livestream into your meeting platform

Two of the best examples of social media platforms which support livestreaming and can be integrated into your platform are YouTube and Facebook. Essentially, you would be using two channels for your meeting:

  1. The meeting platform, where users require a link and password (or meeting ID) to enter; generally, this allows users to interact with each other through the chat function and other collaborative features (if enabled). The level of participation is higher than in a social media livestream.
  2. The social media platform, where users can watch a livestream, and if enabled, use the chat function to ask questions or post comments. Although interaction is possible, the level of participation is generally lower.

Integrated livestreams need to be set up from within your chosen online meeting platform. In some cases, you will need third-party software to manage the integration between your platform and your social media platform.

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