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[Webinar] Internet governance forecast for 2013: Cloudy with sunny spells, windy at times

29 January 2013 -


Event description

Last year ended in Dubai, with concern about the start of an Internet governance ice age. Was the outcome of the WCIT in Dubai the first sign of the digital cold war? Our upcoming webinar will reflect on the major developments in 2012, and discuss the 'weather' forecast for 2013. This year, several important events are lined up. What's in store for 2013? Which issues are likely to take centre stage?

[Update] The digest, webinar recording, and speaker's presentation are available here.

Throughout 2012, a number of IG-related issues such as privacy, copyright, online freedom of expression, and cybersecurity dominated the discussions. Towards the end of the year, discussions culminated over the outcomes of the World Conference on International Telecommunications, wrapping up a year which saw IG issues higher than ever on the global policy agenda.

This year, several events are planned, including G8 and G20 meetings, UN and WSIS meetings. Undoubtedly, unresolved issues from last year will surface again doing this year's meetings.

The January webinar presents a perfect opportunity to look back at 2012, and discuss the Internet governance forecast for the upcoming months. Were the 2012 predictions and mid-year predictions correct? What's in store for 2013, and what is the 'mood' forecast for IG negotiations? Which issues should we keep our eyes peeled on?

Join us on Tuesday, 29th January at 13:00 GMT for our first webinar of the year. Our special host is Dr Jovan Kurbalija, DiploFoundation director, who will be leading another engaging 'crystal ball' exercise.

In preparation for the webinar, we invite you to read this interview with Dr Jovan Kurbalija: Internet Governance in 2013: Cloudy with sunny spells, windy at times. In this interview, Dr Kurbalija talks about the current politics of the Internet, the prevailing trends in Internet governance for 2013, and the building blocks for a possible new Internet governance deal.

Attendance is free, but registration is required. Registrations are now closed.

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