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Louis Leclezio (not verified) July 21, 2012

Congratulations to Mr. Jovan Kurbalija. This is the best article I have read on the subject. The world can and will reach consensus for Internet control to pass from the US NGOs to the ITU – UN at WCIT2012. Every little bit helps! Dear Sir/Madam, The true to life story of the ‘little guy’ from Africa on adds its weight for Internet control to pass from the US to the ITU – UN at WCIT2012 in Dubai in December. That 'first hand' experience related throughout the above web site demonstrates that if the USA and Google do not defend and protect open, fair and free speech within and outside its own jurisdiction area - Who could ever believe that the USA and Google would be benevolently concerned about an open, fair and free Internet for the rest of the world! Is there any difference between a ‘censor’ in China and a despotic biased judge in America? Whereas, the Google V.P., Vint Cerf, asserts that the Internet is most open, free and fair under US control. That statement appears to be self serving and made for the gallery. In reality, is that claim by Vint Cerf not aimed solely at increasing revenues and the bottom line for Google and a few other US companies? Whereas no matter how powerful a nation is, or how well capitalized any US Corporation is, if neither that nation nor such a corporation are truly open to treat all fairly and equally; if neither are committed to equitably and freely share revenues with all Internet stakeholders - both may end up stifling their jealously guarded control of the global Internet goose. Although neither the US Government nor US corporations want to lose their Internet goose. Has it not laid too many golden eggs for too long for the compounding financial benefit of too few in the USA mostly? Has the time not come for all the global stakeholders who have helped feed that Internet goose, to finally partake in the fair sharing of its golden eggs? Check out Google market value for example: Paradoxically, the fastest growing Internet markets are outside USA borders! In 2012, is it normal for Google and NGOs mostly in the USA to control the world’s Internet? At WCIT 2012, will the world not readily agree that the neutral ITU under the UN umbrella is best qualified to protect the Internet goose nest and distribute its golden eggs fairly to all stakeholders around the world? Has it not been widely recognized that the mighty Internet success and wealth rests on the shoulders of that multitude of global citizens who are its users and consumers? While we all add to the Internet success, on a personal level, my web site tells the true story of blatant discrimination and censoring, without trial, by the US and Google against world citizens like me, the ‘little guy’, from ‘Africa’. Since my factual story illustrates clearly that the USA and Google do not walk their talk and do not care to ensure that the Internet is equally open, fair and free for all. Since Human Rights and Internet will remain high on the WCIT 2012 agenda: The majority of countries represented at WCIT 2012 should reach a logical consensus in favor of Internet control passing from the US to the ITU for the fairest Internet further growth and the impartial protection of the human rights of every world citizen. Who else other than the neutral ITU (International Communications Union) acting under the umbrella of the United Nations, could ensure: 1. That Internet transparency becomes truly open to all. 2. That Internet revenues get fairly distributed between all countries whose citizens contribute to the vast internet success and wealth. 3. That the Internet becomes truly free of the kind of territorial discrimination presently prevailing under US control. Link to my first letter addressed to Dr. Hamadoun Touré – ITU: The above referred to letter is exhibit # 49 under the chapter: 'Authoritative Documents' in support of the Trial Brief that is available through: Find out from the above letter to Dr. H. Touré and from the transcript of a US Court hearing (Document # 26 P. 5 lines 11 - 15 under Authoritative Documents Chapter on the web site) how an attorney from the one horse town of Ellensburg, Jeff Slothower, had to mention Africa three times within a few other meaningless and lawless words for me to be promptly denied free speech with “pleasure” across international borders without a trial! From the fastest growing Internet markets in Africa and from other parts of the world, end users and consumers should join in to thank Dr. Touré, the various media and organizations involved with WCIT2012. Their vision and valuable help to disseminate an urgent call for a much welcomed consensus to be reached is the only way to assure open, fair and free Internet governance by the UN after WCIT2012 for the ultimate benefit of all. Furthermore, once Internet control will have passed from the US to the UN, it will favour the Internet's more equitable and accelerated planetary growth. More details, coming up soon, on how a modern version of Reaganomics can and will accelerate Internet growth through ITU governance after WCIT2012. As the most Honourable Dr. Touré said on June 20, 2012: “By working together, we will make this world a better place. A world where everyone has equitable, affordable and secure access to the Internet – wherever they live and whatever their circumstances. A world where the social and economic benefits of ICTs have reached all the peoples of the planet. And a world where social and economic justice prevails.” That is forward and onward looking at its very best! Louis Leclezio. P.S. Health permitting, I look forward to presenting my true to life testimony at WCIT 2012. cc. International media & various world organizations Attachment: Letter to Congressman & Senators.

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