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Cyber road from Ukraine: where will it take us?

Vladimir Radunović

‘The potential for the next Pearl Harbor could very well be a cyberattack.’  US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, 2012 This (in)famous warning has been discussed and re-discussed since 2012. Could a devastating...

Involvement of ARIN Service Region in International Digital Standardization

Kristina Hojstricova

The international community and policymakers need to grasp and better comprehend how digital standards work, why they are important for the digital economy and society, and why standard-setting processes would benefit...

A new era of Chinese foreign policy

Joelson Maodina Anere

03 March 2022

Foreign policy

As China is getting close to meeting all the measures of what defines a global great power (political, economic, and military might with a global reach), Beijing’s new foreign policy has raised questions about the e...

After Merkel

Milan Jazbec

20 February 2022

Contemporary diplomacy

When Paul McCartney was coining the lyrics for 'Those Were the Days', performed magnificently and with a touching romantic crescendo by Mary Hopkin, a young, bright, and promising student in Templin was dreaming of ma...

Space is available for every country

Nikola Božić

15 February 2022

Space diplomacy

This year is the 65th anniversary of the Cosmic Era. In the first years and decades, space exploration was reserved only for big countries. Reaching orbit and spacecraft programmes are now open to small countries, aca...

Why should diplomatic academies shift to online learning?

Kishan Rana

A major outcome of the COVID-19 pandemic across the globe has been a surge in online distance learning. As they say, necessity is a great mother of both innovation and change. With schools, universities, and other edu...

AI promises, ethics, and human rights: Time to open Pandora’s box

Mouloud Khelif

In 2021, I participated in the Artificial Intelligence online course offered by Diplo. In one of our online sessions, a passionate debate flared on the topic of the day: AI’s ethical and human rights implications. T...

Improving diplomatic institutions through technology

Andres Josue Aguas Cherf

Despite an increasingly globalised society, the institutions of diplomacy continue using traditional methods that can be improved by the simple use of new technologies. For example, embassies and ministries of foreign...