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A journey of discovery: Using simulation and AI to teach and learn about digital governance

Sorina Teleanu

Recently, I had the opportunity to spend 11 days in the small Dutch town of Driebergen, delving into the world of digital governance and policy with a group of 22 exceptionally bright students. T...

What can Socrates teach us about AI and prompting?

Jovan Kurbalija

The art of asking questions in the AI era <!-- /wp...

How can ChatGPT help us rethink education?

Jovan Kurbalija

ChatGPT has triggered panic in academic circles. As students started using AI to write their homework, essays, and theses,  many universities and schools banned using AI for written assignme...

A stronger voice: How Namibian diplomatic practice is updating to the era of digitalisation


Read also: Media release by the Namibian Ministry of International Relations and Cooperation: Namibian diplomats receive digital diplomacy virtual training from the Government of Malta and DiploFoundation Media...

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