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What is the true meaning of compromise?

Jovan Kurbalija

02 January 2023


‘Your account has been compromised.’ This was how I was informed that my Twitter account had been hacked and that somebody had started sending messages on my behalf. I changed the password and solved the problem, ...

Are companies responsible for the security of their digital services and products, and to what extent?

Nadia Tjahja

The IoT will remain insecure unless government steps in and fixes the problem. We’re unlikely to get any regulation forcing backbone companies to clean up either DDoS attacks or spam, just as we are unlikely to get ...

What’s new with cybersecurity negotiations? The informal OEWG consultations on CBMs


The UN Open-Ended Working Group (OEWG) on Developments in the Field of Information and Telecommunications in the Context of International Security held informal intersessional consultations on confidence-building meas...

Generative AI models – a fun game that can easily get out of hand? 

Anja Đajić

All your friends have replaced their social media profile pictures with AI-generated avatars, but you do not know where they got them from? Or are you wondering what exactly people are talking about on Twitter when th...

Diplomacy and poetry: Deepening friendships with the magic of words  

Milan Jazbec

20 December 2022

Cultural diplomacy

Diplomacy and poetry are two different areas of human activity. The former is in the service of the state and implements its interests in the international arena, while the latter is in the service of creativity, eve...

Science diplomacy in practice: Interview with Amb. Bhaskar Balakrishnan


09 December 2022

Science diplomacy

What does science diplomacy look like in practice? In particular, how do diplomats from the Global South engage in the practice of science diplomacy? What are the avenues in which science diplomacy contributes to both...

What are the peace symbols of today?

Jovan Kurbalija

11 November 2022

We submitted the word 'peace' in a new AI system, called DALL-E 2 that can create images from a description in natural language, and received the visual response below. Image generated by DALL-E 2 for term 'pea...

Diplomatic reporting: Structure and style

Milan Jazbec

As the number of diplomatic actors, as well as the means of their activities, grow (or at least it always seems so), the question what diplomats actually do is by no means a rhetorical one. At first glance, the answer...