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Speaking of futures

Biljana Scott

22 May 2024

Diplo has launched a new futures literacy online course, aligning with the UN's 2024 Summit of the Future. Diplo faculty member and linguist Biljana Scott explores how language shapes our perception of the future, highlighting the importance of recognising unconscious biases.

Diplomacy and spying

Aldo Matteucci

Governments spying is common, but diplomats should not. In this post, Aldo Matteucci explores the importance of privacy, autonomy, and creativity in diplomacy, warns against the threats from public opinion, and advocates for pragmatic transparency.

Chatting with Perplexity, AI assistant: A non-traditional but genuine interview

Petru Dumitriu

Foreword I have just had a unique and highly interesting experience. Instead of asking other people about artificial intelligence, I asked for an interview with a “representative” of Artificial Intelligence (AI) itself: Perplexity. The conversation was particularly useful, at least for me. In the eyes of Perplexity, I was just a faceless and nameless user. […]

Reducing terminological confusion: Is it digital or internet or AI governance?

Jovan Kurbalija

The blog discusses the importance of distinguishing between digital and internet governance. It emphasizes the need for precision in terminology to accurately describe online activities and the governance required. While the terms are often used interchangeably, they highlight the specificities of each term and the implications of their usage in discussions around governance. The text advocates for a clear understanding of the nuances between digital and internet governance to enhance communication and decision-making in this realm.

Video games for diplomats?

Aldo Matteucci

04 May 2024

Could video games improve how diplomats learn? And how do they enhance skills in decision-making, problem-solving, and strategic thinking? Aldo Matteucci analyses.

São Paulo Multistakeholder Guidelines: A breath of fresh air into digital governance debates

Jovan Kurbalija

On April 29 and 30 April, NETMundial+10 met in São Paulo on its 10th anniversary. Back in 2014, NETMundial gathered at the critical moment of ICANN’s transition from US government guardianship to multistakeholder one, which happened in September 2015. Somehow, there is a temporal parallel. This year, NETMundial met as diplomats, tech people, and civil […]

The winding road to understanding soft power

Aldo Matteucci

22 April 2024

The post examines how shared beliefs and experiences shape society, alongside the continuous evolution of our social structures.

Diplomacy: The art of the impossible

Milan Jazbec

'Out of a hundred good solutions, only one is implementable.' Diplomacy is more than just foreign policy implementation – it's about addressing conflicts and finding solutions within historical contexts.

How does identity impact segregation?

Aldo Matteucci

10 April 2024

How does identity impact segregation, and how do fractals come into play? Join the discussion to uncover the complex interplay shaping our cities.

Reaffirming the foundations of diplomacy: The brighter side of the Mexican embassy incident

Jovan Kurbalija

The blog discusses the breach of diplomatic premises at the Mexican Embassy in Quito involving the protection of Jorge Glas, former vice president of Ecuador. This incident challenges the long-standing tradition of diplomatic immunity and diplomatic asylum in Latin America. The unified response of Latin American countries, led by condemnation and legal action by Mexico, is seen as a positive step towards upholding respect for international law and diplomacy. The situation highlights the importance of preserving diplomatic norms and the tradition of protecting messengers in the face of evolving challenges to diplomatic relations.