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Volcanic Catalyst for E-participation

Published on 20 April 2010
Updated on 05 April 2024

Current air traffic interruptions are affecting everyone in some way or other this week. Those who are stranded away from home are feeling the effects most dramatically, but most of us are making adjustments of some kind or other.  Our own e-diplomacy initiative is affected as presenters and organizers for in situ pre-conference events in Washington D.C. and New York are facing travel complications. Fortunately, with our experience in the e-participation, we will simply take advantage of the opportunity to showcase e-tools as a solution.

EuroDIG, the regional European Interenet Governance Forum (IGF) meeting has emphasized remote participation possibilities, and is now preparing for even higher online turnout. The groundwork laid by EuroDIG for inclusion though the use of e-tools for remote participation will be an effective support for those unable to travel due to flight backlogs.

How are you coping with the travel complexities? Are you finding new solutions? Are you holding more online meetings? Have you found new ways to adapt? What are you learning from this situation?

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