lighting, Diplomacy

Just-in-time capacity building for Rwandan Diplomacy

03 October 2022 - 14 October 2022

Event description

The rising interest in digital diplomacy reflects the importance of digitalisation for the future of nations worldwide. Countries seek to shape their destiny as technology affects every aspect of our lives, from war and peace, lifestyle and work, to our very survival. The COVID-19 crisis has vividly demonstrated the critical relevance of digital infrastructure for modern society.

The training on ‘Emerging Digital Diplomacy and Foreign Policy’ aimed for participants to gain overall awareness and basic knowledge and skills in order:

  • To advance the country’s interest in digital geopolitics and geoeconomics;
  • To negotiate new digital policy topics such as cybersecurity and e-commerce in multilateral and bilateral negotiations;
  • To use new digital tools such as social media, online conferencing, data, and artificial intelligence.